mushrooms in your lanterns? why not I say!!  I have to admit I do love mushrooms I love eating them I love looking at really strange and beautiful photos of them on Pintrest.  I have collected a small collection of ceramic mushrooms over the past few years.  Weird?  not to me.  I love to garden […]

How to make paper mushrooms for your lanterns and free printables

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Easy Fun Plastic Egg Crafts   Around Easter time there is always an abundance of those colorful plastic eggs.  Not just in stores, but from getting new ones every year because you can’t seem to be able to find last year’s until it’s too late, and then the accumulation begins… LOL! It’s time to put […]

Easter egg crafts using plastic eggs.

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Modern Easter or Spring place setting ideas   I was cleaning out my storage room where I keep all my decor for holidays and I started throwing everything away.  I was in one of those moods, and everything was looking old, dated and shabby, I am an organizer by day you know! lol  Well wouldn’t […]

Modern Easter Table setting ideas

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I think I have a huge problem with collecting cookbooks.  I mean that’s what I’m going to call it a collection not a hording addiction LOL.  I do love a good cookbook and I read them cover to cover like a book.  I have purchased a few new fun fabulous summer cookbooks, they are disguised […]

Fabulous summer cookbooks

I  just wanted to show you how to print on vintage book paper.  I loved my mushrooms that I did for Studio 5  but I wanted to add a bit more of the theme to my lanterns.  I have been printing images on book paper for some time now and thought everybody knew how to […]

How to print an image on book paper.

just a little sneak peek at my summer centerpiece and a free little printable for you.  I will be on studio 5 Tues the 13th showing you all how to  make these darling little mushrooms. download this cute printable for your spring time crafting.    

spring time centerpieces and free printable

When I was in New Port, my honey called me and told me that in two days I was suppose to put a table together and do a menu for the Ward Adult Dinner Party. Yikes!   So I decided on Paris and to feed them chicken mushroom crepes, strawberry crepes, and eclairs.  Not a fancy […]

Adult Dinner Party around the world