Gable Lane Crate recently contacted me to see if I would like a discount coupon to try out their monthly design crates.  Umm can you say YES, YUP, YOU BET YA, and Sign me up?  I’m in love with unique accessories for my house and I kinda like having fun things that not everybody […]

Gable lane Crates review

    There are so many fun things on Pintrest under lemonade stand to get you started you can peek at my Lemonade stand board here  for a ton of  lemonade stand ideas.  These are a few that I  loved and picked to do for Studio 5 segment. you can watch it HERE 1. First I […]

How to make the swag you need for your lemonade stand.

Best Chocolate Candy Bar Cake ever! I’m thinking its about time for another blog about yummy cake.  This chocolate candy bar cake was so good I almost cried.   However the finished product was a little warm and started to slide so please no judgments!!! I know you have all done this when you were in a […]

best Chocolate Candy Bar Cake ever!

    I can’t say enough about Donuts!!  As you can tell from my love of sweet posts lately I’m very much in love with baked goods.  But today I want to focus on the 3 things I love about Donuts. 1.  Donuts are one of the easiest treats to grab when you need to […]

3 things you need to know about Donuts!

Hello friends can’t say enough about these cookies.  I asked if you wanted the recipe and you answered with a resounding YES!  so without further adieu   Here it is       love the chewiness and almost uncooked ness of the middle of these cookies.  I would love to see your cookie dough cookies, so […]

Best cookie dough cookie recipe ever!

I’m asked all the time to bring cakes to parties, and I’m always so happy to do that.  But sometimes I’ll bring my Scotch-a-roos and let me tell you they always go first.  What they are just rice krispies and peanut butter!!!! and hello I work hard on my yummy cakes. The thing is when […]

Scotch-a-roo recipe easy treats!

Home trend #3 Layers,  this seams like a weird trend because its not really purchasable.  And that people, is why any one can do this with the things they already have and love. Adding layers to your house can be as elaborate as curtains on a killer Lucite rod over blinds,  or as simple as […]

Home trend #3 layers Yeah no money spent!

How to make homemade Hand Pies I love baked goods!!  I mean really who doesn’t right?  I discovered hand pies when I was making empanadas one night.  The recipe said, fill a few extra pieces of dough with a square of good chocolate for dessert. Umm ok!  I did, and our chocolate empanadas were born.  But then after a […]

How to make a blueberry hand pie.