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I know I know some of you might just roll your eyes at me, but hear me out.  In my line of work as a professional organizer, I throw out lots and lots of crapy Christmas gifts.  I have to talk my clients into parting with ugly sweaters and unused waffle irons because it was a gift from […]

Clutter free gift ideas for the Holidays

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Good morning Friday am I happy to see you!  I just have to share with you this darling shirt I got from Cents of Style.  (code for the sale at the bottom) I just love shopping from that company they do so much for us girls.  I was so lucky to go to Snap Conference […]

Cents of Style Let it Be tee shirt

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November is a time for being thankful.  I have so much to be thankful for, I have a wonderful family, have a super fun job and I’m in pretty good health (if I could get rid of this exhaustion LOL)  There is one more thing that I’m thankful for, friends.   In my day to […]

I’m thankful for friends. Code for free tee from Cents of Style

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JORD watches have to be the coolest fall accessories!  Those of you who know me well know that I always have something on my wrist.  For some reason I love bracelets and watches more than any other accessory I own.  I think it’s because watches are a supper easy thing to grab,  put on and look somewhat put together. […]

What is the coolest fall accessory? my new JORD watch, and a contest

Some times life isn’t a fairy tale. I was pregnant with my second child when I was hit by a car while riding my bike. When my baby was born 7 months later he was born with Down Syndrome. I thought for sure it was because I was hit by the car but the Dr […]

Remember the struggle is part of your story. 

    I have been into meaningful jewelry lately.  I’m kinda a sentimental girl and i love things (jewelry and charms) that remind me of fun times and special places.  Cents of Style has the cutest state necklaces right now  and today they are 15% off with this code.   When I saw these I […]

State necklace and why i love it.

I love when the weather starts getting warmer and I can start planning all my summer trips.  There are a few accessories I like to buy every year, mainly because mine are lost or broken.  So here is my 4 summer accessories you  must have! There may be a million more but these are the ones […]

4 Summer accessories you must have

 I feel so spoiled by the love Agent 18 has showered on me.  I broke my case a few months ago and was so sad.  I loved my gold case!  Hello guys they sent me a replacement!!!  Who does that now a days.  They have the best costermer service ever.   And Just look at their […]

Pretty Iphone cases from Agent 18