Step 1 Butterscotch & salted caramel I’m not going to lie there are lots of recipes for this delightful butterscotch & salted caramel desert on Pinterest, with home made caramel and homemade pudding. I’m sure those recipes taste like a 5 star restaurant but who has the time to make such a decadent dessert when […]

Butterscotch & salted caramel layered dessert

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  It’s a Baby-Q coed baby shower  What could be more fun than sharing your baby shower with your cute hubby and his friends too?  My darling niece wanted to include the boys at her baby shower so what better way than hosting a BABY-Q?  The food can be all boy while the presentation can be all […]

Baby-Q baby shower

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How to make a Balloon stand for a fun party decoration.    I’m mean how cute are these?  I fell in love with these when I saw this post on Oh Happy Day.  I was already doing a Studio 5 segment and thought this would be perfect to add to the party atmosphere!  The more color […]

How to make balloon and honeycomb stands.