How many wreaths can one girl have?  Really…. I had a day off last week and what did I do make more Christmas decorations.  I just love listening to music and playing with all my ribbons and glue guns  yes that’s plural!! I saw this wreath over at tatertotsandjello made by the darling Tauni Everett.  […]

modern, vintage Holiday wreath tutorial

Now that Christmas is almost here!!  ONE WEEK YIKES.  I wanted to get started on turning my Christmas wreaths into winter wreaths.  I love to have wreaths on my front door because I teach out of my house and I  love to make my students feel welcome when they come up my long drive.  BloomNation has […]

How to create a Winter wreath from your Christmas left overs

 Have I said this yet, that this hack is the easyist one that I did?  Well it’s so easy that I made 10 of these in 20 min that’s including tying the bows and writing on the tag!!  1. grab as many of these you can from Ikea they are a dollar and wash them. […]

Ikea Hack #5 Santas Milk Jug

This hack was a goodie but oldie for me.  I’ve done this for a few parties to make it more personal.  But I wanted to try something new and easier.  It was a Pintrest fail!!  more on that later.  ok this is very cute and my 12 year old loved helping me, cause well you  […]

Neighbor gifts Ikea hack #3 personalized plate, and free printabl

 Ribbon is the number 1 easiest way to update your tree this year.  I know I know you thought I was going to say spray paint didn’t ya?  Well my other love is ribbon and I’m not going to tell you how many boxes I have of beautiful ribbons but I  am going to tell […]

Easy way to update your chritmas ornaments.

I love Ikea, its one of my favorite stores in the valley.  The Scandinavian style is simple and chic,  But sometimes I feel like everybody knows its from Ikea, and I love to be different!!  So this is what I came up with for my Thanksgiving placemats this year. You can buy plan cork placemats […]

IKEA hack custom placemats.

Doesn’t it seem like ever year the holidays just sneak up on you?  Pop, fall is in the air then Hello its Christmas!!!Well this year I just wanted to dress up my porch for fall through thanksgiving, with out having to change it too much for Halloween. I  added  a few pumpkins to my planters and a crates.  I kept my […]

Easy last minute Halloween porches

I  love to organize and I have been doing it professionally for years.  I think it stems from all those little containers my mom got me to put all my barbie shoes in or maybe it was because my mom was so organized that I just thought thats how things were done?  who knows,  but […]

how to pack your makeup for a trip