click here to download  Here are my back to school printouts.  I have them on an 8×10 sheets  I’m thinking you can resize them if you need them smaller.  the Dropbox link is under each of the pages. Just copy the link into your browser and it will take you to  the printable. I would […]

Back to school free printables

Where did this summer go?  I had seven peak passes and we didn’t even use them!  Haven’t been to the draper pool or cowabunga bay either. My kids seem to forget the vacations we took comp lacrosse and football camps and many a bar-b-que with friends. LOL  My poor kids!!! I’m planning a few excursions […]

Back to school

 Studio 5’s segment was a little bit harder than normal.  I’m  use to paper crafts, parties and craft projects.  I was challenged to take on a pintrest pin so i did!  A sewing project, and as some of you know I’m not a big fan of sewing.  Oh I can sew a straight line maybe […]

sock monkeys and their hats

My Taylor loves sock monkeys, he has like 10 of them.  He has been collecting them for a while so when I saw this cute blog post on DIY sock monkeys I thought I could probably do that.  It took a segment on Studio 5 to get me to try it. Not sure I would […]

DYI your own Sock Monkey

 This chandelier was a long time coming.  I have been wanting to replace the dinning room chandelier for months now but just couldn’t find the right one.  Then to my utter surprise I saw it, out of the corner of my eye while I was in West Elm exchanging my rug.  It was so pretty […]

My beautiful shell chandelier

 Oh i know its painful to look at.  I’m not a big fan of the primary colors!  but I knew that i was going to make the cutest center piece for a carnival so I ripped all the paper off it and got started with my creation.   The colors for the party were hot pink […]

how to festoon a piniata

ok ok I get it I’m obsessed with silver leafing.  But its sooooo easy and makes the biggest change in what ever it touches.  My friend bought a mirror for her bathroom, the only photo she had seen of this mirror was an online photo from Pottery Barn.  When she got the mirror it was […]

How to update a mirror

I knew when we moved in that this house, had a lot of things I wanted to change.  Our master bath has got to go!! (even our arctitect said it was one of the weirdest/ugliest master baths he had seen) and he’s seen a lot! The master bath  however its way way far down on […]

How to paint your bathroom tile