This craft came from my desperate need to put my earrings and bracelets in a designated spot while I was working.  I’m infamous in taking off my earrings and not remembering where I put them.  In my pocket? in my purse? left by the sink?  I’m a total goof about my jewelry addiction, and yet I […]

DIY your own trinket tray with sculpty clay

Do you want the cutest idea ever?   Ok call a few friend and tell them to make up 14 of the same Valentines and bring them over to your house tonight!   Your husband will totally be on board because this little love fest is all about him!  Here is my stash I got this year!  […]

14 Days of Valentines for your Hubby and kids with a few free printables to get you started.

I know I’ve posted how to dye your own ribbon before. but today Ill so you again step by step just because its sooooo easy and the results will always be perfectly suited to your project.   first you start off with this amazing stuff.  You can find it anywhere crafting supplies are sold.  Its a misting […]

dying your own ribbon

So this is a different lazy take on the  painted board that are out there.  I needed something fast and low cost for a cute little friend gift.  I love painted signs but just thought they would be too time consuming. So I tried my hand at spray painting. I know weird but I think it turned […]

painted sign boards diy

I  just wanted to show you how to print on vintage book paper.  I loved my mushrooms that I did for Studio 5  but I wanted to add a bit more of the theme to my lanterns.  I have been printing images on book paper for some time now and thought everybody knew how to […]

How to print an image on book paper.

I love arrows I kinda have been obsessed the last few years.  Last year I posted a cute printable for my love  heart and arrows (I’ll repost it at the end)  This year I didn’t want to use red in my family room, I wanted to use raspberry and gold so I made up a […]

valentine printable and cupids arrows

All is Merry and Bright free Printable These are the sweet little printable banners I did for my studio 5 trees.  You only have like 7 min to do your segment and I had 15 min worth of sparkle and fun…..  I just talk way too much!! So I didn’t get a chance to talk about […]

Merry and Bright free Printables

 my last project for the season of Love.  pretty soon I’ll be dreaming of spring.  I’m leaving to go to Cal this week and cant wait to get warm.  I’ll be dreaming of flowers and sunshine for my next few projects!                                      .                     […]

Love is in the air