I love to organize  its kind of a sickness of mine.  Not that my house is supper organized  (the cobblers children had no shoes)  but It is supper fun to organize other peoples houses!!  And my own when I have time.  Here are a few things that I’m crushing on this year and can’t wait […]

Glam up your desk accessories!

 Hello friends,  so excited to feature this darling vintage carnival themed party.  If you didn’t see me on Studio 5 today here is the recap of all these darling DIY’s that I’ve been posting over the last few weeks.  And Ill up date this to put the link to the show a bit later.   PS stay […]

vintage carnival theme party Studio 5

there gold I know!!!!  I’m going to show you how to make these gold circus animals from these puppies or should I say animals.  They started out as regular plastic jungle animals I bought off of Amazon for 3.59$. 1.The first thing I did was to use my trusty Gold Krylon Spray paint to glam […]

How to make gold circus animals on a pick for cupcakes

If you missed my segment on Studo5  this week  this is what I featured.   How to hang a gallery wall on a vaulted ceiling.   First you have to find the art!!   www.modifyink.com is the bomb when it comes to creating artwork to fit your style and color sceme of your house.  So supper easy too.  […]

How to hang a gallery wall on a vaulted ceiling