This craft came from my desperate need to put my earrings and bracelets in a designated spot while I was working.  I’m infamous in taking off my earrings and not remembering where I put them.  In my pocket? in my purse? left by the sink?  I’m a total goof about my jewelry addiction, and yet I […]

DIY your own trinket tray with sculpty clay

Home trend #3 Layers,  this seams like a weird trend because its not really purchasable.  And that people, is why any one can do this with the things they already have and love. Adding layers to your house can be as elaborate as curtains on a killer Lucite rod over blinds,  or as simple as […]

Home trend #3 layers Yeah no money spent!

Ok so gold and brass have been around for a while but I’m still loving it!  I’m not afraid to mix metals and I’m not afraid to use my new Nat Burkes hand soap container for a flower container this photos to come. Think outside the box for adding a touch of gold.  The most inexpensive […]

Home Trend #2 gold deco