Now that Christmas is almost here!!  ONE WEEK YIKES.  I wanted to get started on turning my Christmas wreaths into winter wreaths.  I love to have wreaths on my front door because I teach out of my house and I  love to make my students feel welcome when they come up my long drive.  BloomNation has […]

How to create a Winter wreath from your Christmas left overs

 Have I said this yet, that this hack is the easyist one that I did?  Well it’s so easy that I made 10 of these in 20 min that’s including tying the bows and writing on the tag!!  1. grab as many of these you can from Ikea they are a dollar and wash them. […]

Ikea Hack #5 Santas Milk Jug

This “Ikea hack” (Sumula tray 2$) has made an appearance at two weddings and a few  parties I’ve done. I have made it in all sorts of colors.  It is the fastest way to get a matching tray for any party! All you have to do is  spray paint the back of the tray.   skill level beginner […]

Ikea hack #4 neighbor gifts. Decorative trays

link to constitutionaly modern diy I’m always on the lookout for a fun new take on wreaths.  I have a few up my sleeves  that I will be showing in the next weeks.  Yeah bring on the Holidays, Crafting, fun, Crazy    this wreath was made with things purchased from Target but I’m sure you […]

6 Modern DIY Christmas Wreaths

Don’t you love looking at a beautifully browned juicy turkey, siting at the head of the table waiting to be cut into?  I’m sure you don’t want to have to strain over some flowery centerpiece  or heaven forbid  there is no place to put the food!!  I have been sucked into the Pintrest world, of […]

Easy thanksgiving removable centerpieces

Doesn’t it seem like ever year the holidays just sneak up on you?  Pop, fall is in the air then Hello its Christmas!!!Well this year I just wanted to dress up my porch for fall through thanksgiving, with out having to change it too much for Halloween. I  added  a few pumpkins to my planters and a crates.  I kept my […]

Easy last minute Halloween porches

Whenever I come to New York I love going to stores that are found nowhere else in the world tinsel and trading is one of these iconic places.  I first fell in love with  Tinsel and Trading when I read Treasured Notions, a book about how the store came to be.  I’ve been to this little gem of a store […]

Tinsel and trading the sweetest NY store around. vintage Halloween

Oh my gosh I’m in love with Navy and green right now.  I know my favorite color is white but I love to use different colors to accent every season and right now I love navy green and gold.  I did a little spot on KUTV at 7:00am in the morning on a Saturday  I know […]

Modern colors for fall decor