How to tie a Junk bow and package cute hot chocolate mix  I’m not a big fan of shopping for holidays gifts I much rather make something special and fun.  I have no idea if any of my friends or family use or like any of my homemade gifts, but it brings a little bit of […]

how to tie a junk bow and a free printable

There is something magical about Christmas lights at night.  They are so clamming and peaceful.  I’m not a photographer although if I had the time I would love to take a class some day to refresh my long lost skills.  Here are just a few unfiltered photos I took tonight. This is our new tree […]

December all ready

 This venue is just a little bit amazing!!!  I loved the rustic yet charming feel of this place Its truly a little jewel inside of Lindon Utah.   I was  hired late in the game  I had only three weeks to get this wedding together but boy did it come together.  First I loved the idea […]

Rustic Wedding

Having a baby around a Holliday is not all that fun.  Take it from me I had two kids a week before Christmas!!  This little baby girl shower was not going to be black and orange just because her birthday was around Halloween.  Instead I used the pumpkin idea and softened up the colors a […]

Sweet Pumpkin baby shower and printable

Sweeten up your Halloween decorations and I don’t mean with a  milky way bar!!  This year I wanted my Halloween deco to be really whimsical and sweet.  Hello I have 4 boys who love blood guts and zombies but for my piano room where I teach singing lessons and living room I wanted a little […]

Sweet Halloween decorations and free Printable

ok I can not quite rock the party hat yet but I thought I would make one that was really cute for my primary lesson. I started with a coral poke-a-dot cone and a whole lot of extras from my craft bins.  I love buying festooning from Zurchers. it comes in long rolls and I use […]

How to make a party hat cute!

One of my cute friends daughter got married last week And I had the honor of helping with the deco.  You know how I love to tie a bow!!  She had darling lanterns and Gerber daisies  (the brides favorite flower) on each table.  I had the fun of adding all the fun Coral ribbon. I also […]

spring wedding

mushrooms in your lanterns? why not I say!!  I have to admit I do love mushrooms I love eating them I love looking at really strange and beautiful photos of them on Pintrest.  I have collected a small collection of ceramic mushrooms over the past few years.  Weird?  not to me.  I love to garden […]

How to make paper mushrooms for your lanterns and free printables