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I have grown up wearing jewelry,  I remember I had a plastic set with a tiara and plastic glittery shoes.  I loved dressing up and feeling pretty, and the more bling I had the prettier I felt. As I got older and wiser I decided that i loved my jewelry that had special meaning.  I […]

Where to find great Memory Jewelry

Some times life isn’t a fairy tale. I was pregnant with my second child when I was hit by a car while riding my bike. When my baby was born 7 months later he was born with Down Syndrome. I thought for sure it was because I was hit by the car but the Dr […]

Remember the struggle is part of your story. 

    I have been into meaningful jewelry lately.  I’m kinda a sentimental girl and i love things (jewelry and charms) that remind me of fun times and special places.  Cents of Style has the cutest state necklaces right now  and today they are 15% off with this code.   When I saw these I […]

State necklace and why i love it.