What does it mean to organize in plain sight?  Anybody who has a New York apartment knows that you need to get creative with your space.   Even if you have a larger house you might still be short on cupboards and closets and who wants to see all your things.  Here are a few tips […]

Organizing in plain sight

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15 Minute Organizing Challenge, #1 Junk Drawer I’m so excited to share with you my tips, tricks, and secrets on how I organize and keep my systems in place.  There is nothing like having a professional organizer come to your home with bins and ideas to help you get organized, but if you don’t have the […]

How to get an organized Junk Drawer in 15 minutes, Organizing challenge #1

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How to Organize any SPACE     I’m reading the book Organizing from the Inside out and I love how Julie Morgenstern uses the word SPACE as an acronym for how to Organize any space.  Let me give you my take on this technique and how I incorporate some of her ideas into what I have been […]

How to Organize Any space

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 The weather in Utah during spring is well…..sigh…. its warm one day and then snowy the next, seriously you would think spring would be more consistent!  But on the bright side I get to organize on snowy days and that makes me feel accomplished! So let me show you my spring craft room organization that […]

Spring Craft room organization, how to organize your planner supplies

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How to get organized for the Holidays.  I know I don’t want to think about the holidays yet, I’m still in denial that its fall!  I love entertaining and I do host Thanksgiving every year so I like to go through all my serving trays and dishes.  I’m a true hoarder of serving pieces and […]

How to get organizing for the Holidays part 1.