Now that Christmas is almost here!!  ONE WEEK YIKES.  I wanted to get started on turning my Christmas wreaths into winter wreaths.  I love to have wreaths on my front door because I teach out of my house and I  love to make my students feel welcome when they come up my long drive.  BloomNation has […]

How to create a Winter wreath from your Christmas left overs

Wall hangings and macramé knots sound kinda 70’s  but I’m so loving the modern Boho chic look they create.  I first fell in love with them when I was doing research for a client for her wedding.  She loved the boho feel and I immediately fell for the backdrops.  We didn’t end up doing this […]

How to tie macrame knots, aka square knot for a darling wall hanging

there gold I know!!!!  I’m going to show you how to make these gold circus animals from these puppies or should I say animals.  They started out as regular plastic jungle animals I bought off of Amazon for 3.59$. 1.The first thing I did was to use my trusty Gold Krylon Spray paint to glam […]

How to make gold circus animals on a pick for cupcakes

  A wedding in Blue and White. I have to say this combo in the hot hot summer of Utah is such a winner.  The blue reminds me of water and the white is a sure fire way to cool off a hot white day with its crisp look against the green trees and grass. […]

Blue and White wedding

I love Coral its such a bright happy color.  Especially paired with navy blue.  I like to wear this combination every chance I get.  Its also stunning mixed with gold and pink and used to dress up a barn.  I love doing barn weddings they seem a bit more casual and fun than traditional weddings.  […]

Barn wedding in coral and gold

Some times the simplest of graphics can be the most lovely.  I did a wedding shower last week and made little thank you favors.  It was terribly easy and its so thoughtful for the bride to have a little thank you treat for her guest to take with them.×10%20thanks.jpg?dl=0#  Here is the link to this printable […]

free printable thank you tags

I know I’ve posted how to dye your own ribbon before. but today Ill so you again step by step just because its sooooo easy and the results will always be perfectly suited to your project.   first you start off with this amazing stuff.  You can find it anywhere crafting supplies are sold.  Its a misting […]

dying your own ribbon