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I love love love Target and I love their dollar spot. However sometimes their dollar spot is more than a dollar just saying. I feel in love with these darling black succulents in this fun matt pot. They were 3$ and I wanted 10 of them,that would have been 30$ and I  just didn’t have […]

How to make mini Halloween succulent pots knocked off from Target

 Hello by now you know that I love to spray paint anything that does not move, well lets face it if it moves it might get painted too!  wink.   There are a few tips and tricks to painting stripes and dots on glass and wood  so lets get started. 1.  First you need to decide […]

How to add stripes on jars and frames using spray paint

there gold I know!!!!  I’m going to show you how to make these gold circus animals from these puppies or should I say animals.  They started out as regular plastic jungle animals I bought off of Amazon for 3.59$. 1.The first thing I did was to use my trusty Gold Krylon Spray paint to glam […]

How to make gold circus animals on a pick for cupcakes

I have been spray painting for a long long time.  I think that there isn’t any thing in this world that cant be saved by spray paint!  Except wall to wall carpet and we will not discuss that experiment ever again. he he Back in the day I loved the crackled look and I knew […]

How to spray paint glass and plastic without the spraypaint cracking