I can’t say enough about Donuts!!  As you can tell from my love of sweet posts lately I’m very much in love with baked goods.  But today I want to focus on the 3 things I love about Donuts. 1.  Donuts are one of the easiest treats to grab when you need to […]

3 things you need to know about Donuts!

I’m asked all the time to bring cakes to parties, and I’m always so happy to do that.  But sometimes I’ll bring my Scotch-a-roos and let me tell you they always go first.  What they are just rice krispies and peanut butter!!!! and hello I work hard on my yummy cakes. The thing is when […]

Scotch-a-roo recipe easy treats!

How to make homemade Hand Pies I love baked goods!!  I mean really who doesn’t right?  I discovered hand pies when I was making empanadas one night.  The recipe said, fill a few extra pieces of dough with a square of good chocolate for dessert. Umm ok!  I did, and our chocolate empanadas were born.  But then after a […]

How to make a blueberry hand pie.