Some times life  comes at you hard and it’s really tough to keep up the pace.  I’ve been feeling so pushed and stressed and over worked (I’m sure you all can relate)  and every night as I look at my dusty nightstand and go over all the things I should be staying  up till midnight doing […]

I’m going to be OK with me.

I’ve been feeling a little blah lately.  It could be that I lost one of my dear friends to and aneurism.  She was 47 and the happiest most service oriented person I knew.  What a beautiful family she left behind.  So this has got me thinking about my life and what I have done for […]

House tours my favorite view

 Do you remember my post of these beauties?  Pencil cases from Target?  Oh how I adore these darlings!  One is for my stress coloring markers (more on that another day)  and the gold one is for lipstick, spare change and my phone when I don’t want to drag my bag into the school, football or […]

Favorite school supplies for mom

I’m not sure how I became to be so lucky!!  I truly have the best family, friends, church, blogging, friends around. This was my first year at Snap and can I just say how amazing it was!  I have a dear friend Holly over at My Paper Crush and she invited me to help decorate for […]

Snap 2015 just a recap of the fabulous

I’m kinda obsessed with organizing. I do it for my job and to relax when I’m home weird I know!  And I love love love that I can be paid as an event planner and a organizer. I’m living the dream  LOL   I love reading about how people organize,  It inspires me to be more creative and […]

Organize your creative space

Some times the simplest of graphics can be the most lovely.  I did a wedding shower last week and made little thank you favors.  It was terribly easy and its so thoughtful for the bride to have a little thank you treat for her guest to take with them.×10%20thanks.jpg?dl=0#  Here is the link to this printable […]

free printable thank you tags

I love following inspiring people on instagram I think that the more I’m surrounded by good people good messages good deeds I become a better person.  I have been choosing an OLW (one little word) for three years now.  This year I feel that I have great intentions to simplify  but I never do.  So […]

free printable for OLW one little word BALANCE