I know I’ve posted how to dye your own ribbon before. but today Ill so you again step by step just because its sooooo easy and the results will always be perfectly suited to your project.   first you start off with this amazing stuff.  You can find it anywhere crafting supplies are sold.  Its a misting […]

dying your own ribbon

Arrows Arrows Arrows!  they are everywhere.  On pillows on shirts on cute little coffee mugs, there is no getting away from them.  Frankly, I adore the little things,  I love the feathers at the end the way I can make them in any color and size, and the fact that I have all the supplies […]

Cupid Arrows on Studio 5 Valentins Decorations

I love arrows I kinda have been obsessed the last few years.  Last year I posted a cute printable for my love  heart and arrows (I’ll repost it at the end)  This year I didn’t want to use red in my family room, I wanted to use raspberry and gold so I made up a […]

valentine printable and cupids arrows

I don’t know why I feel so relaxed in my office, its always covered in glitter and ribbons.  I guess being surrounded by girly things makes me happy.  I do have a lot of boys in this house!  I couldn’t wait to makeover  my  love letters. they have been black yellow white and covered in […]

Valentines Decorations

Every year I give my honey the gift of time.  I  like to create 12 date nights that he doesn’t have to think about.  I have a hard time each year coming up with new ideas, but he doesn’t seem to mind.  this year I made twelve little tags and a card with an office […]

Its about time! free printables numbers and clocks for your holliday count down

  As I was posting this week I discovered that this was  my 101 post on my creative blog.  Wow I can’t believe that I have so many post when this blog was just supposed to be an outlet for my  love of crafting.  I have been so blessed to have such a great family […]

101 posts

When I was in New Port, my honey called me and told me that in two days I was suppose to put a table together and do a menu for the Ward Adult Dinner Party. Yikes!   So I decided on Paris and to feed them chicken mushroom crepes, strawberry crepes, and eclairs.  Not a fancy […]

Adult Dinner Party around the world

 my last project for the season of Love.  pretty soon I’ll be dreaming of spring.  I’m leaving to go to Cal this week and cant wait to get warm.  I’ll be dreaming of flowers and sunshine for my next few projects!                     https://www.dropbox.com/s/0yun59lzp1wi54u/love2.jpg                           .                     […]

Love is in the air