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I’ve done a few outdoor weddings and it always makes me stressed till the very end because of the weather.  This wedding forecast for yesterdays wedding was going to be hot and sunny let’s just say the temps reached 100 degrees. so I wasn’t too nervous about rain but trying to cool people off was tricky.  […]

How to Have an Outdoor Park Wedding

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How to pour paint a pot to look like Marble Ever year come summer time I just want a landscape artist to come over to my house and create me a tropical oasis LOL  Yea that’s not going to happen!  But I can make small changes and dream of Hawaii vacations.  I love having lots and lots […]

How to pour paint a pot to look like Marble.

I’m so in love with this geometric wreath and shapes. I have been wanting to try my hand at making these geometric shapes for a long time.  I tried so hard to source the brass tubing that is so popular for these hanging geomantic shapes but it is so pricy.  So I did what anybody eles would do […]

How to make a geometric wreath and shapes

I get board easily and I’m always looking for something new and pretty.  So this year when I was asked to be on the Decorating team for SNAP  I was over the moon!  I couldn’t wait to try some backdrop ideas on a bigger scale.  We decided on the herringbone pattern to drape the back […]

Modern Wedding décor