Free modern Thanksgiving printable

  1. […] the gobble it up printable comes on an 8×10 page with 6 squares of cuteness. The second printable Happy Thanksgiving was the cute printable I designed last year find it HERE.  I wanted the cute favor to be square […]

  2. […] This little hack could be an easy way to tie in a party color, or just make your dining table more colorful.  Think of the possibilities Monograms, Names, Holidays, Wedding dates,  seriously so cute and personal.  So get hacking and if you have a great Ikea hack I would love to see it.  Tag me on Instagram  theglitzypear  and if you need that cute printable click HERE  […]

  3. Jerri junque says:

    Love your twist on Decorating a Thanksgiving table. And I used the Tray/ platter idea at a resent wedding reception. Had the bride come by and decorate each platter for her tables. She was so excited to be included in the decorations. So now I will use it at Thanksgiving. Thanks again

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