La Bonne Vie at the Grand America

  1. Lynne Wilburn says:

    I can’t sign up for your website because I got a note from you telling me that I have too many signup requests. What a ridiculous requirement. If you ever decide that I am good enough to be on your site ,let me know. I live with debilitating pain everyday for the last 23 years. I am in bed a majority of my life. Thanks for making me feel like I’m a loser. You just made my day. I love watching you on studio 5. And was excited to try your marbling technique for Christmas presents.
    Lynne Wilburn

    • says:

      Lynne, oh you poor thing, I’m so sorry for your pain my mom has fibromyalgia and i suffer from cronic neck pain. I’m the loser I’m so new at this new web site that i have and have been having all kinds of trouble with the newletter sign up. I’ll put you on right now! you hang in there and thanks so much for watching me on studio 5 you are a sweetheart! have a good day and thank you so much for bring this to my attention I’ll try hard to get this fixed.

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