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  It’s a Baby-Q coed baby shower  What could be more fun than sharing your baby shower with your cute hubby and his friends too?  My darling niece wanted to include the boys at her baby shower so what better way than hosting a BABY-Q?  The food can be all boy while the presentation can be all […]

Baby-Q baby shower

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5 of the Best Easter Desserts in my recipe collection! Looking for a way to spice up your Easter dessert game? Well, I’ve got the perfect list for you! Here are five of the most delicious, festive desserts set aside especially for your Easter enjoyment. Make this the year to top at your family party […]

Best Easter desserts to make for your family gathering this spring.

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Brown Sugar Maple Bunt Cake Recipe I had the cool experience to do an Instagram live for a cute friend of mine on her Instagram feed. I have never done a live story before and it was so stressful because I’m not a technical person,  the weather was terrible so the lighting was bad and we lost […]

Brown Sugar Maple Bunt Cake Recipe

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Cookie Dough Fudge Okay, let’s get real for a second. We’ve all had that late-night craving that can only be satisfied by breaking open an unbaked, frozen, version of our favorite cookie. Alright, maybe it was 3:00 in the afternoon and it was just a little hot, but hey, it hit the spot, didn’t it? […]

cookie Dough Fudge (only the best thing ever)

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 How to thin Nutella After my insta story post about me thinning my Nutella for the wedding I just did, my  DM blew up with questions on how exactly I did this.    Well guys your not going to like this I don’t have exact measurements but I tried 4 different ways of thinning Nutella, […]

How to thin Nutella for a wedding crepe bar

Favorite Summer Recipes There are two things I enjoy very much in this world, summer and food. The warm nights call for some fun easy dinners with some extra summer flare. I love trying new recipes, especially the ones that don’t require a ton of effort when I’d rather be outside playing with my kids! Here are a few of my favorite summer dinner recipes. What says summer better than the fruit of the tropics? This Hawaiian BBQ Chicken is to die for. With pineapple, teriyaki sauce and veggies, it brings the taste of summer right into your backyard! As someone who thoroughly enjoys the Hawaiian Islands this chicken brings me right back to my vacations. The preparation is quick and easy. Whether on your grill, in a camp fire or in the oven this is the perfect dinner to bring you to your own little paradise. *Cue sunhat and beach chair* Something I quickly learned in my travels is that there is no better seafood than island seafood. It’s just so fresh! It is hard to find great fish being so far away from the coast, but Garlic Lemon Mahi Mahi is nothing short of delicious. The best part of this dish is it’s one pan, low mess and about 20 min. start to finish. Delicious and simple. Throw some steamed veggies in the mix, and you’re going to be feeling like a super chef. Go conquer that dinner! Summer would not be complete without good old BBQ ribs. I know it’s a big favorite in my family. There is never a Fourth of July party without “Poppy’s Ribs”, and although I can’t divulge the family secrets of his ribs… mostly because he didn’t tell anyone LOL…I can give you an amazingly delicious alternative. These moist, fall-off-the-bone, Low and Slow Ribs are a summertime must! I know what you’re thinking. Root Beer flavored sandwiches, gross! But don’t let the name fool you, these Pulled Pork Sandwiches are as tasty as ever. The Root Beer really adds a sweet flavor to the pork, combined with your favorite BBQ sauce and you’ll never do pulled pork the same again. The best part is, no oven needed! What’s worse than being outside in the heat just to come into a kitchen heatwave created by your hardworking oven? Not much, I can tell you that! When the heat won’t quit, let the slowcooker do the work for you. It’s summer after all, and you deserve a vacation too!

  Favorite Summer Recipes There are two things I enjoy very much in this world, summer and food. The warm nights call for some fun easy dinner recipes with some extra summer flare. I love trying new recipes, especially the ones that don’t require a ton of effort when I’d rather be outside playing with […]

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I think I have a huge problem with collecting cookbooks.  I mean that’s what I’m going to call it a collection not a hording addiction LOL.  I do love a good cookbook and I read them cover to cover like a book.  I have purchased a few new fun fabulous summer cookbooks, they are disguised […]

Fabulous summer cookbooks

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  The minute I posted this on Instagram I’ve had a few friends who wanted this recipe.  I promised to post it, so sorry its taken me so long.  This is such a yummy recipe and I love it more than the Cheese cake Factory’s Limoncello, sorry CCF.  I call it a copycat but who can […]

Limoncello cream torte, better than Cheese Cake factory.