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Why gift with a gift card this year, and cute ways to wrap a gift card. Five adorable ways to present a gift card Do you think giving a gift card is in -personal? I know at Christmas time a lot of people want to give a gift, the perfect gift! and let me tell […]

Gift cards the best Christmas presents to give

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I know I know some of you might just roll your eyes at me, but hear me out.  In my line of work as a professional organizer, I throw out lots and lots of crapy Christmas gifts.  I have to talk my clients into parting with ugly sweaters and unused waffle irons because it was a gift from […]

Clutter free gift ideas for the Holidays

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It use to be that giving money was just too impersonal, however, I think money is one of the best gifts to give certain people.  As you know I love to organize and I don’t like a lot of extra little crapy things around.  What I have is very loved and very wanted.  With that […]

5 Cute ways to give money

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My Favorite neighbor gift to give at the Holidays Meyer’s Holiday Set from Grove Collaborative (its first-time subscribers) It’s that time of year again. Our house is buzzing with activity, from hosting out-of-town guests my cousins from Seattle to throwing holiday parties, to wrapping gifts and decorating the mantel.  Not surprisingly, my desire to have a […]

Favorite neighbor gift to give at the holidays

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How to turn a Clear Box into Whimsical Presents   When I need clear boxes or bags I’m always ordering from Clearbags.  This Holliday season I saw that they had these beautiful frosted shoe boxes and I was smitten!  I knew exactly what I wanted my packages to look like under the tree and I just knew these would […]

How to wrap show stopping presents with a frosted shoe box.

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Unique baby gifts for giving  I can’t believe this but I’m going to be a grandma in 2018, yes yes I know I started out very young having babies and now my oldest baby is having their first baby.  It got me thinking about what I want my Christmas gifts to mean to my grandbabies.  […]

unique baby gifts to give your baby or grand-baby this year.

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5 Cool Gifts for Teens   Ever wonder why your teen is the hardest person to shop for? Then after you’ve decided that you have FINALLY found the perfect teen Christmas gift, they say thank you, but the look on their face says no thank you. Well, struggle no longer! I have found five of […]

5 Cool Gifts for your Teens