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Do you need to spring clean your cleaning supplies? Make sure you have a good hand duster. Dusters made of ostrich feathers naturally trap particulates in their weaves. My mom swears by hers, but if your like me make sure you are stocked up on your Swiffer dusters  I go through at least 3 when […]

Do you need to spring clean your cleaning supplies?

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15 Minute Organizing Challenge, #1 Junk Drawer I’m so excited to share with you my tips, tricks, and secrets on how I organize and keep my systems in place.  There is nothing like having a professional organizer come to your home with bins and ideas to help you get organized, but if you don’t have the […]

How to get an organized Junk Drawer in 15 minutes, Organizing challenge #1

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5 Sustainable Swaps to Make in 2019 On my journey to creating a healthier home, I’ve learned that living sustainably is all about making small changes.  Seemingly insignificant actions — like bringing your own bags to the store — add up quickly.  One of the easiest swaps I’ve made is using Grove Collaborative. Grove makes it almost […]

5 Sustainable Swaps to Make in 2019 with Grove