Do you want the cutest idea ever?   Ok call a few friend and tell them to make up 14 of the same Valentines and bring them over to your house tonight!   Your husband will totally be on board because this little love fest is all about him!  Here is my stash I got this year!  […]

14 Days of Valentines for your Hubby and kids with a few free printables to get you started.

   Our family sleeps over in the city on the 23 of December we look at the lights on Temple Square,  eat out, swim in the pool and go to a movie.  But my favorite thing to do is look at the windows in the Grand America Hotel.  Its warm inside,  you can eat a macaroon or two and […]

La Bonne Vie at the Grand America

 Ever year I like to do something for Valentines for my kids and honey bunny.  This year was supper easy thanks to one of my friends who organized a valentines swap.  You bring 14 valentines and then we get to take home 14 different Valentin’s.  That is one a day for my man or you […]

Valentine tags for your honey

Every year I give my honey the gift of time.  I  like to create 12 date nights that he doesn’t have to think about.  I have a hard time each year coming up with new ideas, but he doesn’t seem to mind.  this year I made twelve little tags and a card with an office […]

Its about time! free printables numbers and clocks for your holliday count down