Ok so gold and brass have been around for a while but I’m still loving it!  I’m not afraid to mix metals and I’m not afraid to use my new Nat Burkes hand soap container for a flower container this summer.lol photos to come. Think outside the box for adding a touch of gold.  The most inexpensive […]

Home Trend #2 gold deco

Now that   Valentines is over all I can think about is spring!  I want to be surrounded by flowers and sunshine and pastel buds blomming on the trees!  Ok Ok I know I’m getting ahead of  myself out here in Utah where we have cold weather till May, and some times snow in June  (its happened)  […]

Spring flowers, pink roses and white snapdragons

A big box store?  Isn’t that like going to the store and making it yourself?  Well I guess you might think like this is just another trip to the grocery  store but its what they have that other grocery stores do not. A fantastic cheese selection,  I do think Harmon’s has a better selection but it is also double the price, (which I […]

Place #4 for suprisingly amazing party food Costco

Talk about my one stop store to cater a party. This place has it all  salads soups sandwiches, but I usually order a pastry tray and call it a day!  The thing is they have like a ton of desserts and lots of seasonal treats too, so  every time you go eat there you can try […]

#3 of my favorite party food places is…. Kneaders

I know  I know its kinda weird telling you this secret  but I know you  all love this place.  Chick-fil-a is such a secret indulgence.  Come on there sandwiches are soooo yummy.  and I can’t even think of how sad my summer would be with out the frozen lemon and peach drinks.   But I’m not here to talk about the lemonade.  I’m […]

Place #2 for yummy party treats Chick-fil-a

Guys you have to take notes here!! Each day this week I’ll be posting my top 5 places I get my Party foods!   These places are perfect for you next party if you don’t have time to make it yourself.  I’m all about making the party cute, much to my husbands dismay “its about the food […]

Place #1 to get fabulous party food

this was too easy to make,  and the best part was is that I made it while catching up on my DVR shows, (I was getting a little behind).  All you need is a skein of yarn, a wreath form (any kind will do)  and a heart cookie cutter.  I couldn’t fit my whole skein […]

How to make a yarn Valentine wreath

So I’m not into red pink and purple for Valentines decorations.  Surprised? knowing that my Christmas deco is     Black and white with turquoise accents Ha Ha Ha. So this year I added Black, white and gray to my regular décor of white and gold,  this is how it turned out. I love the simplicity of […]

Modern and monochromatic Valentine decorations: tutorial for bottle covers, and printables for arrows