Do you want the cutest idea ever?   Ok call a few friend and tell them to make up 14 of the same Valentines and bring them over to your house tonight!   Your husband will totally be on board because this little love fest is all about him!  Here is my stash I got this year!  […]

14 Days of Valentines for your Hubby and kids with a few free printables to get you started.

How many wreaths can one girl have?  Really…. I had a day off last week and what did I do make more Christmas decorations.  I just love listening to music and playing with all my ribbons and glue guns  yes that’s plural!! I saw this wreath over at tatertotsandjello made by the darling Tauni Everett.  […]

modern, vintage Holiday wreath tutorial

Now that Christmas is almost here!!  ONE WEEK YIKES.  I wanted to get started on turning my Christmas wreaths into winter wreaths.  I love to have wreaths on my front door because I teach out of my house and I  love to make my students feel welcome when they come up my long drive.  BloomNation has […]

How to create a Winter wreath from your Christmas left overs

 Have I said this yet, that this hack is the easyist one that I did?  Well it’s so easy that I made 10 of these in 20 min that’s including tying the bows and writing on the tag!!  1. grab as many of these you can from Ikea they are a dollar and wash them. […]

Ikea Hack #5 Santas Milk Jug

This “Ikea hack” (Sumula tray 2$) has made an appearance at two weddings and a few  parties I’ve done. I have made it in all sorts of colors.  It is the fastest way to get a matching tray for any party! All you have to do is  spray paint the back of the tray.   skill level beginner […]

Ikea hack #4 neighbor gifts. Decorative trays

This hack was a goodie but oldie for me.  I’ve done this for a few parties to make it more personal.  But I wanted to try something new and easier.  It was a Pintrest fail!!  more on that later.  ok this is very cute and my 12 year old loved helping me, cause well you  […]

Neighbor gifts Ikea hack #3 personalized plate, and free printabl

link to constitutionaly modern diy I’m always on the lookout for a fun new take on wreaths.  I have a few up my sleeves  that I will be showing in the next weeks.  Yeah bring on the Holidays, Crafting, fun, Crazy    this wreath was made with things purchased from Target but I’m sure you […]

6 Modern DIY Christmas Wreaths

I love Ikea, its one of my favorite stores in the valley.  The Scandinavian style is simple and chic,  But sometimes I feel like everybody knows its from Ikea, and I love to be different!!  So this is what I came up with for my Thanksgiving placemats this year. You can buy plan cork placemats […]

IKEA hack custom placemats.