A wedding in Blue and White. I have to say this combo in the hot hot summer of Utah is such a winner.  The blue reminds me of water and the white is a sure fire way to cool off a hot white day with its crisp look against the green trees and grass. […]

Blue and White wedding

I’m so in love with this website the painted fox!! I have been following them on insta for a while and I thought I need to share with you all the cute farmhouse style stuff they have!!    I’m always looking for darling trays to use at weddings and  parties and I’m so in love […]

Painted fox store

I loved helping to create this wedding.  The darling bride wanted it to be modern but then loved all these vintage things.  So we called it the modern bohemian wedding and it turned out darling.  She had her reception in this fabulous barn in Salt Lake City.  I didn’t want it to be too vintage because it was […]

modern Bohemian wedding

I love Coral its such a bright happy color.  Especially paired with navy blue.  I like to wear this combination every chance I get.  Its also stunning mixed with gold and pink and used to dress up a barn.  I love doing barn weddings they seem a bit more casual and fun than traditional weddings.  […]

Barn wedding in coral and gold

Studio 5 – Peek of Spring: Flower Backdrop  Here is the link to the segment I did with the beautiful Brook Walker.  I love spring and I love flowers and hey I adore doing wedding so this segment was a blast to prep for!!  go check it out.   and say I Do to paper flowers […]

Studio 5 – Peek of Spring: Flower Backdrop

      I’ll admit I do have a sickness for  paper flowers…. wait I think I’ve said that before.  I will go to therapy later I promise.  I was on studio 5 showing off my creations, however you can only say so much in a 5 min segment, and lets face it when the […]

How to make paper flowers out of card stock

how to make giant tissue paper flowers, party decor, wedding garden decor, easy tissue paper craft, tissue paper flowers,

Oh let the fun begin.  I loved this part the making of the giant tissue paper flowers!  I get to watch a lot of TV so I feel like the time I spent making these beauties was a great time to catch up on my Netflix binge watching. 1. first take about 6 sheets of […]

How to make giant tissue paper flowers

giant bendable paper flower stems, DIY, 3 ft. paper flower stems, secret garden flowers and stems, party decor, wedding decor,

  This is the first part in a two-part tutorial on how to create giant bendable paper flower stems. second is the tissue paper flowers found HERE  In this first tutorial, I’ll show you how I made these giant bendable paper flower stems.  I’ve searched all over the web and found that this was the […]

How to make giant bendable paper flower stems