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Why gift with a gift card this year, and cute ways to wrap a gift card. Five adorable ways to present a gift card Do you think giving a gift card is in -personal? I know at Christmas time a lot of people want to give a gift, the perfect gift! and let me tell […]

Gift cards the best Christmas presents to give

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It use to be that giving money was just too impersonal, however, I think money is one of the best gifts to give certain people.  As you know I love to organize and I don’t like a lot of extra little crapy things around.  What I have is very loved and very wanted.  With that […]

5 Cute ways to give money

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How to turn a Clear Box into Whimsical Presents   When I need clear boxes or bags I’m always ordering from Clearbags.  This Holliday season I saw that they had these beautiful frosted shoe boxes and I was smitten!  I knew exactly what I wanted my packages to look like under the tree and I just knew these would […]

How to wrap show stopping presents with a frosted shoe box.