It’s always better to have lots of lifts and levels when you are creating a food buffet.  Not only does it look better, you can fit more trays and cake stands in.   A few years ago I was hired to do a company party, with a carnival theme and I wanted so bad to make […]

How to make a cake stand or tray lift for your party table.

Well today I’m going to share a cake recipe that I’ve been making for years  and its one of my favorites,  I know I always say that this is my favorite but lets just say,  cake IS my favorite. I  make a  lot of cake for my husbands work parties each month so I know what the masses […]

Orange Rum sheet cake or as my kids call it Creamsicle cake.

  Photo credit johnsmags These are two of my most favorite cakes and with all the Bar-B-Q’s coming up I thought I’d share.  I bake 3 cakes once a  month for my husbands work birthdays and believe me I know what kind of cake will do well in a sheet pan.  You can be fancy and […]

How to make the best chocolate sheetcake