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The first step is to an organized closet is to declutter!!! I mean take everything out and get rid of everything that makes you look fat, doesn’t feel right, is outdated (no it won’t come back anytime soon) or has holes, stains, or is ugly.  Tough love people is the best way to live in […]

how to get an organize closet without spending a dime

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It’s getting cold here in Utah so that means me sweaters, puffer coats, and boots are about to take over  my closet. To make room for your winter wardrobe, you’ll need to put away your shorts, sandals, and sundresses. However, this does not mean cramming stained or unloved items into a box and stowing them […]

How to switch out your closet for the seasons

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Getting organized for the holidays    Getting organized for the holidays happens early around here.  With lots of boy teenagers living under my roof I feel I need to get be extra vigilant in keeping things fairly under control. Ok maybe under control isn’t the right word, (lets try ‘not) looking like a bomb went […]

Coat closet organization, Getting organized for the holidays part 2