What does it mean to organize in plain sight?  Anybody who has a New York apartment knows that you need to get creative with your space.   Even if you have a larger house you might still be short on cupboards and closets and who wants to see all your things.  Here are a few tips […]

Organizing in plain sight

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Getting organized for the holidays    Getting organized for the holidays happens early around here.  With lots of boy teenagers living under my roof I feel I need to get be extra vigilant in keeping things fairly under control. Ok maybe under control isn’t the right word, (lets try ‘not) looking like a bomb went […]

Coat closet organization, Getting organized for the holidays part 2

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How to get organized for the Holidays.  I know I don’t want to think about the holidays yet, I’m still in denial that its fall!  I love entertaining and I do host Thanksgiving every year so I like to go through all my serving trays and dishes.  I’m a true hoarder of serving pieces and […]

How to get organizing for the Holidays part 1.

8 tips to an Organizing your Pantry  This is one of my favorite things to do!  I love giving you sweet friends tips on organizing your pantry, or any other spaces that seem to gather a bit of clutter.  I’m obsessed with organizing things!  Actually, I love to consolidate things and put them in pretty bins […]

Tips on organizing your pantry and other spaces